Welcome to Aim Higher Training and Development.

Our name reflects the passion we hold for working with our clients and the level of learning and development expertise we have gained over the last 20 years plus.

We aim to support our clients with bespoke and effective professional training and development that delivers results and helps our customers achieve both their personal and professional goals and rewards their hard work with accredited certificates and qualifications.

With over twenty years of experience of delivering impactful training and development the team at Aim Higher Training have a proven track record of successfully delivering vocational qualifications and training to 100’s of satisfied customers. Individuals who have worked with us and invested in their own development have gained promotion and successfully gained more senior roles and businesses have seen major improvements in terms of increased efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.

Our approach

We offer a variety of services supporting individuals and businesses to deliver increased staff performance and support learning and development objectives covering all aspects of people development.

Our flexibility and attention to detail mean that we are able to deliver impactful training to our learners and ensures that to date 100% of our students complete their training programmes, achieve great results, gain their qualifications and continue to professionally develop and meet their career goals.

About Us

Aim Higher Training and Development Limited was incorporated in 2016 by founder and director Jane Hyde-Walsh.

Our Mission is to help others develop personal and professional knowledge and skills through high quality training and development offers.

Our Vision is to guide and support anyone to find their ideal life/work balance and to develop the skills they need to develop their careers to make this happen.

Our Values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Excellence and professionalism
  • Supportive and Nurturing
  • Personal and professional development
  • Positivity and can do

Our Services

Accredited vocational qualifications and training in management and leadership, coaching, mentoring and skills for business including customer service.

Impactful bespoke training carefully designed to address specified development and business needs which can also be linked to professional and technical qualifications through our accredited centre.

Education and training awards including teaching and vocational assessor and internal quality assurer qualifications.

Building Resilience workshops and qualifications covering stress management and mental health awareness suitable for both managers and employees.

Kickstart your Career – a 1-2-1 coaching process aimed at determining the development needs of both individuals and teams along with support to identify effective training plans to help plan and meet individual and business goals.

How we work

We aim to build long term meaningful relationships based on mutual trust with our clients to support them with the continuous professional development of individuals in their workforce and the growth of their businesses.

The core business is led by Jane Hyde-Walsh who develops, writes and pilots new and bespoke  training programmes which are delivered by several Associates including Internal Quality Assurer Karen Holt of KHT Development who oversees the quality of all our programmes and courses.

In light of the pandemic we have switched a lot of our training programmes to online delivery models using online platforms and tools so we can continue to deliver high quality engaging training that supports our learners to personally develop and meet their goals. This model has allowed us to extend our range and serve individuals and organisations throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

To discuss how we could help your business develop and enhance your team members skills and professional development.

Call us on 01869 243 198 or email [email protected]