Fall back in love with your business

I won’t be the first to state the obvious but it’s been tough year for many businesses around the globe. Priorities have radically changed for businesses and many economies are facing challenges that they wouldn’t have dreamt of this time last year.

Adapting in a time of change

It has been so difficult for thousands of businesses who have had to adapt and change with the times and start to offer new services or different approaches to delivering their services. And many just haven’t had the agility to move quickly enough to conserve their businesses and more businesses have been lost in the last three months than all of the Great Recession.

Adapting to change

Adaptability has certainly been true for Aim Higher Training and Development. So during the last few months we have been busy refreshing our business plan and transferring our programmes from a face-to-face model to online delivery. As a result, our coaching and training offers are now available online as we are no longer able to deliver in the workplace.

Re-defining your mission, vision and values

Reviewing and re-connecting with the core of what we do and why has been an important part of this process. So we’ve spent some time thinking deeply about what the real mission and vision is at Aim Higher Training. This has given us all a chance to re-engage with our values and determine how we can embody them into the work we do and how we coach and train with our students.

This has been a really positive exercise for us and I’d highly recommend it to business owners everywhere and you are welcome to see the results of our efforts below:

Mission – to help others develop personal and professional knowledge and skills through high quality training and development offers.

Vision – to guide and support anyone to find their ideal life/work balance and to develop the skills they need to develop their careers to make this happen.


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Excellence and Professionalism
  • Supportive and Nurturing
  • Personal and Professional development
  • Positivity and Can do

If this approach appeals to you please contact [email protected] if you would like to discuss your training or professional development requirements.